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29th June 2020


Read before writing & implementing any COVID 19 Risk Assessment

HSE Legislation states:

‘Failure to complete a risk assessment which takes account of COVID-19, or completing a risk assessment but failing to put in place sufficient measures to manage the risk of COVID-19, could constitute a breach of health and safety law. The actions the enforcing authority can take include the provision of specific advice to employers to support them to achieve the required standard, through to issuing enforcement notices to help secure improvements. Serious breaches and Failure to comply with enforcement notices can constitute a criminal offence, with serious fines and even imprisonment for up to two years.’

All Hair & Beauty Salons and Independent Professionals must ensure that the risk assessment for their business addresses all the risks of COVID-19, within the current Government guidance. This will inform your decisions and the measures to mitigate any risks you need to put in place.

A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but rather about identifying practical measures to control the risks in your work environment. Your risk assessment will help you decide whether you have done everything you need to minimize risk to people and the threat of prosecution.

The full SaferSalon COVID 19 Risk Assessment covers all measures laid out in the latest 42 page Government Guidance (24th June 2020). However, you need to work through any risk assessment you create, with any staff, and ensure all measures to control the risks are put in place and that all staff understand these measures and the part they play in ensuring they are carried out. Employers and workers should always come together to resolve any issues.

You are free to use this sample as a base for your full COVID Secure Risk Assessment. The Government guidelines will need to be followed to ensure you have covered all eventualities within your working environment.

The full mandatory COVID 19 Risk Assessment along with COVID Secure Policy, Pre-Appointment Check-List and Client Disclaimer, COVID Secure Poster, Salon Vinyl Logo, Full Training Information and On-Line Certified Test, Cleaning Schedule and a suite of Wellbeing resource is available here.

Short Sample Safer Salon Risk Assesment V1.



19 June 2020

Here is your free SaferSalon poster. Please feel free to download it and use it for your business once you have created your Covid Secure Policy & Risk Assessment.

PDF Version

SaferSalon Client Poster V1.


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