Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to go back to work?

It is strongly rumoured, in many media streams that it will be legal to open your business on July 4th 2020 if you have taken all the right precautions to minimise the risk of spreading infection. Your Safer Salon COVID Secure Toolkit gives you all the information you need to ensure this. Ensure you keep up to date with updates as this date may move either way, 

How much does it cost per person?

Costs are from as little as £16 per person for a Sole Practitioner (up to 3 staff) and £14/person for a small salon (up to 10 staff). For larger salons up to 25 staff it is as low as £9 per person for the Toolkit, Certification & Registration. 

 What do I in the Certification & Registration Package?

The Toolkit is extensive, and you will receive:

Online COVID Secure Training

Online Test

Certification to prove you have passed the test

The Required COVID Policy Template

Pre-Site Visit Check-List Template

The Required Risk Assessment Template

Certified Digital Logo for your Website

Email Template to send to your customers to raise their confidence 

 Certified Shop Logo (Vinyl Sign for window) to show your Certification & Registration to your clients

 Access to all the required Governments Links to keep up to date with any changes

Can I do the test again if I don’t get it the first time?

 Yes, you can take the test 3 times in any 24 hours until the information’ is in’ and you have passed.

 How do I let my clients know?

You can use the email template in your Toolkit to let your clients know. Shop Logos will also allow existing & potential clients know you are COVID Secure and you will have a digital Logo that you can put on your website and stationery if you wish.

How do they check my certification is genuine and valid?

Verification of your certification can be simply done from this website.

Is the Training Accredited

Yes, The Training is accredited by Accreditation International.

Do I have to pay any more after the first payment?

The initial investment is all you pay. Any updates will be free of charge. 

Are you doing Toolkits for any other business sectors?

Yes, there is a Safer Trader Toolkit for all Trades that need to enter homes and businesses.

Will you be providing any more compressive Health & Safety courses in the future.

We aim to support all registered businesses and people with simple to understand and hassle-free H&S courses in the future. If you have any specific requirements, we are always open to suggestion!

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