So what IS the law then?


There has been – you may have noticed – a lot of fuss about Mr. Cummings and his trip. He says he didn’t break the law and some senior Government figures support him.

If you actually look at the law (here it is folks)- https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/350/regulation/6/made -it would be easy to think he did.

There is a list of things that count as ‘reasonable excuse’ to be out of your home. What Mr. Cummings did isn’t on that list. There may be some wriggle room… but if someone at the heart of Government can be in a grey area (or is he?) what about the rest of us?

There’s a lot of guidance out there. Guidance isn’t law. Should people going back to work be like the senior politicians and commentators now – unsure of what’s right and what isn’t?

Safer Trader Ltd has cut through the confusion and given you, the tradesperson, a toolkit to get it right. Maybe the Government should have done it, but we waited long enough.

It’s OK Government, we did it for you.

If you are sure, your customers can be sure. Never mind the confusion in the messaging, get trained, get it right, get back to work safely.

Essential work?

Hi – take a look at this article, if you are a tradesperson working in people’s homes:


It is a good article, from a really reputable organisation that clearly takes the safety of its people and customers seriously. Couple of points though – it is still talking about ‘essential work’, and it doesn’t mention ‘risk assessment’Fact: as long as the work can be done safely, and proper consideration is given to the vulnerability of the household, ‘essential work’ isn’t really something you HAVE to think about. Fact: Risk Assessment is a legal requirement – each job should be considered on its own merits, rather than have a blanket set of rules.

Safer Trader can help.

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