Rougue bosses bending back-to-work rules? What if you’re self employed?


so… we are all wrestling with how to be safe at work in the Covid world. A million questions about money, childcare, infection, vulnerability…. one big group of workers is the self employed.

If you’re self employed and working in other people’s houses – cleaner, plumber, fitter, whatever – do you know what your responsibilities are? There’s lots of debate about what ‘the boss’ should do. If you ARE the boss, of just you or maybe a small team, where do you go to get it right?

The Government put out some guidance https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/homes which helps – but the customer won’t know how well you have taken this on board.

Can you tell them you understand the rules, have a plan, and have done a proper Risk Assessment?

There’s more to being Covid Secure than just putting PPE on. And if you are doing it properly, following the rules and reassuring your customers, are you at an advantage against your competitors who may, or may not, be getting it right?

Have a look around our site, think about getting the training and how it will help you feel confident about making your customers confident.

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