Our mission is simple

Getting tradespeople back to work and keeping their customers and staff safe.​

Clearly, we all need to get back to work as soon as is safely possible. Many of us have had no work or income for over 2 months to date. This is having a huge impact on family life and our overall wellbeing with the potential for a knock-on effect on those closest to us.
Whatever we believe is going on at the moment with this lock-down does not really matter. It is now more important than ever to focus on what we can collectively do to start providing for ourselves and families. We all need to start looking out for each other and support in any way we can. It’s time to take action and deal with our reality in this moment.
The bottom line is that there is lots of work and jobs out there that need to be done. There are thousands of us that are fit and healthy and ready and willing to get those jobs done.
We then have many thousands of home and business owners that need these jobs doing. Many of them who are feeling nervous about letting family into their premises, let alone a trades person they may have never met.
Over 80% of the people we spoke to said they were concerned about Covid to the point where they were not even seeing close family. However nearly all of them said that they would be far happier to welcome a trades person in to their homes and business premises if they could prove they were up to speed on the regulations and able to keep them and their family and employees safe.
This is of course good news for everyone and a win win with your customers getting there repairs and jobs done and getting us off the sofa and providing again for ourselves and families. How great will that feel!
The Safer Trader team consists of dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the construction, trades, H&S and Wellbeing sector. We are all family people and have seen and are experiencing first-hand the damage this current situation is creating in good people lives.
Our mission is to support all trades back into work as safely and as quickly possible to reduce the amount of stress, debt and anxiety currently being experienced many of us.
We aim to serve you well and look forward to supporting all Safer Traders, not only now, but onward into the future with Covid updates, general risk assessments and support with overall wellbeing. Life is better when we feel good!

Safer Trader Team

Steve Window, MIIRSM PgDip
Head of Health & Safety

SaferTrader’s Head of Health & Safety – Steve Window has over 20 years Health & Safety experience with the HSE and is a member of IIRSM, IOSH. 

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